National Pet Sense Adoption Convention.

Saturday, May 6th 2017. The Pulaski County Animal Shelter will be apart of the national pet sense adoption convention, At Pet Sense in Somerset KY.

Southern Middle School supports the shelter

The Sixth Grade Blue Team at Southern Middle School, have been collecting blankets, collars, leashes, toys, treats, and food to donate to our Pulaski County Animal Shelter! We have also collected enough money to pay the adoption fee for 4 dogs and 4 cats! I am proud of my students! It warms my heart to witness the compassion of the students and staff at SMS! Thank you to all who donated!

Jarfly Brewing Company fundraiser

BIG thank you to Jarfly Brewing Company and everyone who came out to support us on the 5th. We are so grateful and more than excited to put these awesome donations to good use Dog & Cat food Leashes Pet Taxi and a check for $525.00 Dollors YA! 🙂.


Lost! What to do if your dog goes missing

Lost! What to do if your dog goes missing

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Thank You Travis for your compassion and caring for animals in need. We at PCAS truly appreciate you and your support!

So Travis celebrated his 8th Birthday by asking for donations for the PCAS! He was so proud carrying in the items donated and had to take a look around at the dogs and cats!
Thank you PCAS for allowing my big hearted boy to donate these items and taking the time to talk with him!


Adoption Day at Petsense

What a GREAT Adoption Day at Petsense in Somerset KY. 2/26/2016

At last count there were approximately 18 adoptions for the day.  Thank You to everyone that turned out to support this event.

Following is a link to view all of the pictures of the day on facebook.

91 Adoption Day Pictures

DSC09230 DSC09223 DSC09190 DSC09175 DSC09171 DSC09136 DSC09132 DSC09048 DSC09003-001 DSC08982

Adoption Application

The Adoption Application has been added to the Website.  Filling this form out prior to arriving to adopt your new family member will allow for the adoption process to be as smooth and quick as possible.
Click this link to open the Adoption Application
"Adobe Acrobat Reader required for viewing Application"  most newer computers have this software installed as a default.

Bake Sale to Benefit PC Animal Shelter

Riley Dunaway and Sydney Resch held a bake sale to benefit PC animal shelter.
These two young ladies worked hard all day and raised $70.00 for the animal shelter.
CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!.. Thank you so much for all your help!

IMG_4765 IMG_4768

Maleiyah does her part to help the animals.

This  is Maleiyah Moore. She has a vision of one day owning and operating her own animal shelter. She came home one asking for mason jars and construction paper. When asked why she said she asked her teacher and the principal if she could get donations for the animal shelter and they gave her approval. So she decorated the construction paper, taped it to the jars and took them to each 3rd grade class at Hopkins Elementary. Within a short time they were able to raise $37.26.

Adoption Day at Kroger North (Friday 5/22/2015)

Adoption Day at Kroger North ..  Come out and meet all the puppies and kittens that are available for adoption and bring a bag of dog or cat food for the 1st annual food drive to help feed these babies.

GREAT NEWS!  11 babies found new homes during the adoption event!
DSC04634 DSC04673 DSC04674 DSC04677 DSC04680

K9s for Warriors