The Pulaski County Animal Shelter offers numerous services. You may report a Stray Animal or a Problem Animal using the contact us page. You may also turn in an unwanted animal, request dead livestock removal services. Information is also made available for local veterinarians and animal hospitals.

Adoption Information
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What are your hours of operation?  Our hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00am to 4:30pm and 10:00am to 6:00pm on Tuesday,
Closed on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 
In the case of an EMERGENCY please dial 911

How much does it cost me to bring my own animal into the shelter? 
The charge for bringing your own pet to the animal shelter is $5.00 per animal.

If my dog is picked up running loose, how much does it cost to get it back? 
If you do not have proof of rabies shots and the dog is old enough for rabies shots (4 months), it is $39.50. If you do have proof of rabies shots or the dog is too young for rabies shots, the fee is $25.00. We also charge $2.00 per day for each day the animal is here to help cover the upkeep of the animal. The second time the dog is picked up we charge $50.00. Each time the dog is picked up thereafter we charge $100.00.

Can my dog be picked up if it is wearing a rabies tag? 
Yes, any animal that is off of the owner's property is subject to be picked up. However, if it is wearing a rabies tag, we will contact the vet's office to get the name and number of the owner so that we may contact you.

Can I call and leave you a description of a missing dog? 
We will look in the book for an animal matching that description when you call, but we will not keep a number on record. We simply get too many calls in a day's time to keep up with everyone. We will be glad to place a poster with a picture of the animal on our bulletin board, though. Also, if the animal has on any type of tag we will try to contact the owner.

How long will you hold a dog you picked up?
We are required to hold a dog for five days to give the owner a chance to pick it up.