Adopted or Rescued Success Stories


Jessa is a very sweet and playful girl. She will be available on 9/6/2017.

Dottie –

Dottie is a sweet girl good watch dog don’t play well with little kids.

Reggie –

Very sweet and handsome boy well behaved ready to go today.


Timber is a sweet boy a little sacred but love to be petted. ready to go today.


Very laid back sweet playful girl not a puppy
but a older girl but not to old.. JUST RIGHT


Charles is a sweetheart very loving would be a great addition to ant family.


Bone is a very handsome boy looking a little
boy to call his own. Would make a very good family dog.


Pippa is a 6-7 month old girl very sweet and out going looking for her home today

Raymond Adopted

Raymond was owner surrendered. He had been tied out. Raymond is an elegant boy. He does pull on a leash but with some training and a fenced yard so he can burn some energy, he will be a great dog. He is friendly and likes people.

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Gino Adopted

A Russell Springs boy with some skin problems but oh so sweet
loves to give kisses.

Buckles-54 Adopted

Buckles is a little scared in shelter but very sweet and ready to go.

Louie-65 Adopted

Louie is a little shy in shelter but very sweet and ready to go.

Lulu Adopted

Sweet and friendly, Available now.

Lyric-88 Adopted

Very sweet, Lyric is available now!]

Weasley-76 Adopted

Weasley is a very friendly and playful boy. He will be available on 5/17/17.

Aria-103 Adopted

Aria is very sweet but a little shy here in the shelter. She is available now.

Clooney-92 Adopted

Betty is a littleĀ scared but seems to be ok with people. Ready on 5/29/17.

Bronson-71 Adopted

Bronson is very playful and friendly. He will be available on 5/19/17.

Brownie-69 Adopted

Brownie is a little shy but very sweet. He gets along good with other dogs. He is available now.

Cate-106 Adopted

Sweet but a little shy. Cate isĀ available now.

Shelby Adopted

Owner surrender from russell springs ready to go now.

Willie-75 Adopted

Very sweet laid back boy. Ready to go 5/29/17.

Auggie-57 Adopted

Auggie is a very sweet and loving boy. He will be available 5/30/17.

Cindy-111 Adopted

Cindy is a little shy but very sweet. She will be available 5/30/17.

Layla-91 Adopted

Layla is very sweet. She doesn’t like cats but loves people. She is available now.

Jen-122 Adopted

very sweet big puppy playful. Ready to go on 5/29/17.

Stubby-72 Adopted

Burton is very sweet and laid back. He will be available 5/30/17.

Sunny-107 Adopted

Very sweet and friendly, very well behaved. Will be available 5/31/17.


This baby came from Burnside. A little shy but seems to be a sweetheart.

Karen-86 ADOPTED

Karen is very sweet and friendly. She will be available 5/23/17.

Coleen-73 ADOPTED

Coleen is a very sweet girl and he will be available on 5/8/17.


Very sweet, just a big ole puppy! Will be available 5/4/17.

Space-204 ADOPTED

A very handsome boy a little nervous and shy but sweet.


From Russell Spring a big handsome boy ready to go to a new home.


Cynthia-98 ADOPTED

Cynthia is very sweet and playful. She will be available on 5/17/17.

Felisha-90 ADOPTED

Felisha is very sweet and playful. She will be available on 5/19/17.


Sweet but a little shy. He will be available on 5/18/17.

Jewles-87 ADOPTED

Jewles is a very sweet girl. She is available now.


Was picked up on Hwy 761. Very sweet girl love to play.

Smaug-77 ADOPTED

Smaug is a very good nature boy. He will be available 5/16/17.


Our Mr Hugo is a sweet boy has some back leg/hips problems going
on but does not slow him down.



This baby came in with a tail injury had to go to the vet and have most
of his tail amputated. but a very sweet boy.

Carmon-86 ADOPTED

This baby was picked up on Hwy 1675 very pretty girl with a hound sound.


Male/Neuter Boy from Russell Springs very handsome fellow looking for a new home.


This pretty is from Russell Springs. Very sweet girl looking for a loving home.


This boy is a sweetheart he sits and shakes and lays down follows you where ever you go
but he is jealous of other dogs.

Kesha-94 ADOPTED

(RESCUE PENDING)Picked up on Pump House Rd
Very sweet and pretty girl.


(RESCUE PENDING)This girl is from Bronston. Very sweet and playful will sit on command.


(PENDING OWNER PICKUP)From Burnside very handsome boy nice and friendly.


Very handsome young boy from Russell Springs very playful.