The Pulaski County Animal Shelter offers numerous services. You may report a Stray Animal or a Problem Animal using the contact us page. You may also turn in an unwanted animal, request dead livestock removal services. Information is also made available for local veterinarians and animal hospitals.

What are your adoption fees?
Dogs and puppies are $60.00.
Cats and kittens are $35.00

What does the adoption fee cover?
Dogs - adoption fee covers rabies shot and spay or neuter.
Puppy - adoption fee covers parvo shot, worming, and spay or neuter.
Cats - adoption fee covers rabies shot, and spay or neuter.
Kitten - adoption fee covers feline distemper, worming, and spay or neuter.

How long do we have to wait to take the pet home with us?
It is state law that we must hold every dog or puppy that is not turned in by its owner for at least five days. If the five days is up, the animal may be adopted and taken home the same day. We will also give you a certificate for the vet's office.

Which veterinarian can I take the animal to?
Somerset Animal Hospital and Animal Care Center of Somerset are the two veterinarian offices which participate with us.

Will I have to pay anything else when I take the animal to the veterinarian?
If you adopt a puppy, you will also be required to have its rabies shot before they perform the surgery on it. If you adopt an adult dog, Somerset Animal Hospital requires that you have all shots up to date whereas the adoption fee only covers the rabies shot.

We are required to hold a dog for five days to give the owner a chance to pick it up.